A window for Winnipeg

Algorithmic compositions for public artwork in True North Square, Winnipeg.

A window for Winnipeg from david medina on Vimeo.

Video wall of seven 65″ displays showing different compositions every hour and every day for five years. The artwork takes the speed of the wind and the position of the sun as parameters for the construction of the images. The base archive is comprised by thousands of images from the Globe and Mail and Winnipeg Free Press photo archives. Opening November 2019 in True North Square – Winnipeg, Canada.


A window for Winnipeg.

This is a project that builds a system of living images.
The images are taken from a collection of photographs from Winnipeg and other places of Canada and the world.
Using algorithms the window builds different compositions. They are always unique.
With a source of thousands of photographs the system will create infinite compositions.
The window mimics the light of the day changing brightness from dawn till dusk following the position of the sun every time of the year.
(It works like a clock or sundial of sorts)
The speed of appearance of the images is given by the average of the wind speed.
The wind speed is calculated every hour from the database gathered since 1840 until today by the Environment and Climate Change Institute of Canada.

(It works like an anemometer of sorts)
The whole system is based in a video wall of seven UHD displays of 65” in vertical position and a computer.
The window is a machine that works without any human intervention but is human nevertheless.

The whole piece is continuously changing. Sometimes the changes are very subtle. Sometimes are less subtle. It’s a living thing that operates with the sun and the wind of Winnipeg. Like a tree.

It shows landscapes, objects, animals, people. Every thing or moment have the highest importance. It creates new images that nobody have seen or will ever see again.
(Every composition disappearing forever once it is assembled)

It’s like a window that looks into the past from the future

(A window that only exists in the present).

Carmenza Rayo-Schnell